Casa Naturale Belize

It Feels like A Treehouse! - Marceill Martin


The BVR team was friendly and helpfull.  The location was good, I walked everywhere I needed to go.  Yet far enough away from the night life noise.  The apartment was clean and comfortable.

This was by far my favorite accommodations.  It has the feel of a treehouse. The entrance up the stairs, the door in the floor let’s you know you’re in for a fun experience.  The layout of th unit was very conducive to my needs.  The bench seating was my writing area.  The hammocks was where I did my reading. And the floor space next to swing prove to be plenty of room for yoga.

I would certainly love to stay there again.

We loved Casa Naturale!


We loved Casa Naturale! We loved the wide open space with plenty of Belizean sunlight, beautiful wooden home decors, large kitchen, in which we cooked vegetables we bought at the street vendor near the place.

The outside restroom was definitely a new experience for us (but, for sure there is complete privacy and it is not visible to outsiders!). Soon, we enjoyed the experience of taking shower, etc, by feeling winds and listening the sounds of birds and insects.

Tina, the lady living upstairs, was very kind and helpful, knowing so much about San Pedro and having a great connection with many people there. If you ask her any questions about the island you basically get the best answer!

Notably, the house was build with eco-friendly materials and the energy was self-sustainable. Since we were interested in the subject we asked Tina and learned about the structure and function of the house. 

One thing we would like to suggest is to make sure you know the location of the house during daytime. When we were staying there it was very safe and we hadn't seen anything unpleasant, however when it got dark it was kind of hard to see the streets around the place so you must fully know where the house is. Not only writing down the address but also memorializing where to turn, etc.  

We had an amazing time at Casa Naturale, thinking about going back there again!